Friday, July 8, 2011

Nike Seitiro Football

Nike have unveiled the new Premier League, La Liga and Serie A ball for the 2011/12 season – the brand new Nike Seitiro football.
Nike Seitiro Premier League Ball
Nike’s T90 Tracer from last season is replaced this season with the nee Seitiro ball, which is the first ball since 2003/04 not to carry the T90 mark. At first glance the new Seitiro is very different to its predecessors and features Nike RaDaR technology, which stands for Rapid Decisive and Response. The lab and field tested standard of visual performance allows players to see the ball better due to the combination of graphic design and contrast which creates an optimal visual signal picture on pitch. Validated on pitch with some of the best athletes in the world, the combination of ball casing color, graphic design, and contrast creates an optimal visual signal on the pitch. What does this all mean? It means that NIKE RaDaR allows players to make faster decisions on the pitch and stay ahead of the pace of the game.
The micro-textured synthetic casing on the Nike Seitiro ball creates a golf ball dimple effect delivers confident accuracy and aerodynamic stability as airflow is equalized over the ball surface allowing players to have total control of the flight and movement of the ball. Geometric Precision and GEO II balanced technology distributes pressure around the ball for a 360 degree sweet spot for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike. Cross-linked Nitrogen-Expanded Foam, Nike claim this ball will offer exceptional shape retention and durability. The bladder consists of a six-wing carbon latex for explosive acceleration.
Nike Seitiro La Liga Ball
The Seitiro has also endured FIFA’s testing and certification program. A series of seven lab tests, ranging from circumference and roundness retention, to water absorption and rebound attributes ensure balls carrying the FIFA approved mark are guaranteed for consistent performance.
Nike Seitiro Serie A Ball
The ball’s first competitive outing will be during the Copa America kicking off 1st July. The English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Asian Champions League, Asian Cup for federations and the Copa Libertadores will all use the Seitiro. The Nike Seitiro will also be used for the home games of the Nike Federations such as Brasil, Netherlands, France, and Portugal.
Nike generic colourway for use in internationals and tournaments.

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