Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UEFA re-distributes revenue for Champions League and Europa League Participants 2010/11

Today UEFA released the financial prize payouts from the 2010-11 Champions Leauge and Europa League seasons… Manchester United was the big winner. UEFA said it distributed $1.09 billion among 32 clubs involved in the group stage of the Champions League.
Manchester United earned the biggest share of Champions League prize money last season with $76.7 million despite losing in the final, according to figures. Champions League winner Barcelona earned $73.5 million because broadcast deals which weigh into calculations were worth less in Spain than England.
Chelsea received $64.1 million, semifinalist Schalke made $57.3 million and Real Madrid’s share was $56.6 million.
MSK Zilina from Slovakia, which lost all six group matches, received $10.7 million.
A further $180 million was shared among national associations and clubs which played in the qualifying rounds.
Europa League
UEFA distributed $217 million among 56 teams which played in the group and knockout stages of the second-tier Europa League.
Beaten finalist Braga earned $6.5 million after joining in the last-32 round, in addition to $17 million from its Champions League group.
Europa League winner FC Porto got $11.3 million but was not the biggest earner because Portuguese television deals were not so lucrative.
Spain’s Villarreal, which lost to Porto in the semifinals, collected just over $13 million

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