Monday, June 6, 2011

Adidas Predator AdiPower Blue/Electricity/White

The Adidas Predator series has been around for 17 years and Adidas have now launched the 11th incarnation of their iconic series – the Adidas Predator AdiPower. Adidas have once again raised the bar with these new boots and have released what is arguable the most ground breaking and radical Predator to date.
There are a few things that are synonymous with the Predator range, one of which is their Black/Red/White colourway. This colourway returns but has taken a back seat to the lead Blue/Electricity/White colourway. Coloured boots are in demand more than ever and Adidas have broken the mold by releasing such a bold colourway right off the bat.
Adidas have designed the lightest and most powerful adidas Predator ever with the AdiPower tipping the scales at just 235g, 25% lighter than the adidas Predator X. This is thanks to the inclusion of Adidas’ SprintFrame which we know from the AdiZero. The SprintFrame features a redesigned Predator PowerSpine from the Predator X, to allow additional energy transfer directly from the foot into the ball by preventing the foot from over bending while still allowing for comfortable running movements thanks to the flex grooves which keep the element highly flexible in the right direction.
Adidas have recently incorporated a wider boot last and redesigned foot-bed into their boots. A wider fore-foot, sleeker mid-foot and wider heel enables the studs to be positioned closer to the outside of the sole, providing greater stability whilst improving movement, traction and pressure distribution.
The new AdiPower Predator use Taurus calf leather which was first introduced in the Predator X. Taurus leather offers high-end supreme touch leather performance while still being durable and water and abrasion resistant.
The new re-engineered silicon rubber Predator Element is split into two zones. The first zone is an aggressive, structured surface which integrates the Adidas stripes is the ‘Power Zone’. The 3D fins give rebound upon ball impact, generating additional striking power from the boot. The second ‘Swerve Zone’ features a hexagonal pattern. The even and soft surface provides a longer contact time with the ball, resulting in higher friction and ultimately higher swerve.
Keep an eye out this weekend as we expect the likes of Kaka, Nani and Charlie Adam to debut the new Predator AdiPower this weekend in this great looking colourway.

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