Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puma V1.11 Collection

Puma recently released the new V1.11 boots. The V range have been competing with the likes of Nike’s Vapor and Adidas F50 ranges for Speed Boot supremacy. Their newest competitor, the V1.11, arrives with great expectation and with the inclusion of the SL, players now have a great variety to choose from.
Along with the V1.11 boots (for men and women), Puma have released a V collection which features clothing, balls and goal keeper gloves.
The v3.11 ball is a high quality training ball and is constructed from 32 panels, each with an equal surface area. The design reduces seam stress and enables good shape retention. Handstitched dimpled PU panels have multilayered backings to enhance stability of ball flight, and aerodynamics. The latex bladder provides good air retention and a softness of touch, giving the player a great feel of the ball.
The new v1.11 goal keeper gloves provide excellent grip and shock absorption. The palm of the glove is made with 4mm Elite Grip Latex providing a padded surface to diffuse the impact from the ball to your hands, as well as optimal grip for making catches. The new advanced ‘Cross Fit’ closure system ensures a perfect fit across the backhand, while also featuring a breathable mesh backhand, gussets and finger inserts that allow air to flow through the glove for total comfort throughout the game. The elasticated cuff with its full length latex wrist strap further secures the glove and provides support to the wrist.
The V clothing range features the high performance training Tech Tee and Knit Bermuda shorts. The tee has engineered mesh on the front for perfect ventilation while the shorts feature this mesh on the side to enable breathability and ventilation.

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