Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Messi debuts new Adidas Adizero II

Yesterday we were given a heads up by our friends at Adidas that there was going to be something special released when Argentina played a friendly against Nigeria in Bangladesh. In fact the quote we got was ‘today Adidas changes football forever’… Well that certainly got us excited – especially when we saw what they were talking about – Lionel Messi giving the upcoming Adidas AdiZero II a surprise debut.
So a new pair of AdiZero boots is very exciting but will that really ‘change football’? Well we can’t give you all the details now but the ‘game changer’ is the incorporation of Adidas’ MiCoach into the boot. Messi himself seemed impressed by the boots when commenting on his Facebook page after the game; “Wore my new Adidas f50?s for the first time against Nigeria tonight. So much technology in a pair of boots, it’s incredible!”
Adidas promised some more information soon so stay tuned to TRW. We we can tell you is that this was a once off spotting as Messi will revert back to his Electricity/Purple AdiZero boots until the release of the new AdiZero II in November (this Yellow/Red colourway will be his colourway.) Adidas just wanted to create a bit of hype around the new boots ahead of their launch and we certainly think they have achieved that!

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